Radio Demographics

Radio signal blankets Maricopa County, population 4.8 Million. KFNX is ranked third most popular talk radio Maricopa County. KTAR number one, KFYI number two.

Department of Motor Vehicles statistics estimate cars on freeways during show broadcast times

(KFNX Saturday and Sundays)

we estimate thirty to forty thousand (30,000 to 40,000) listeners minimum. The demographics of the listeners are male and female, forty and up,

self employed incomes over $150,000.00.

TV Demographics

Cox Cable Channel 4 Arizona and Channel 4 California Cox Cable Broadcast on Channel 4 in the San Diego/Palm Desert market, Channel 3 in the Orange County market, and Channel 8 in the Santa Barbara market.

Shows air simultaneously in all markets.

1,755,237 HOMES!!!